Finding a Silver Lining

Due to the advocacy of social distancing during this Covid-19 pandemic, it’s safe to say many of us have been spending far more time at home than we are used to. However, I like to look at the figurative glass half full instead of half empty.

This extra time spent at home presents a rare opportunity to facilitate personal growth. With the extra free time that you may have on your hands there are a slew wonderful new skills that you can start taking steps to learn. Skills that may be useful for potential future employment, as well as skills that you may have always wanted to learn for personal enjoyment, but never had the free time to pursue.

Skills like learning the basics of a programming language, learning how to design a webpage, learning to paint, as well as learning some digital art techniques. Who knows, now might actually be the opportunity you needed to finally finish that book you’ve been working on for years.

So while things may be scary and crazy outside, you may find comfort in a newly learned skill or hobby that you pick up during this pandemic. We might as well try and get something positive out of this terrible situation the world finds itself in.

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