Feelings: It’s not a form of weakness

Feelings are what make us human. We use them to express ourselves and how we feel in moments or day’s time. However, it is hard to express them at times as many people around us feel that it is a sign of weakness. By revealing how one truly feels, it gives people a way to bring them down even further, making their problems and their sense of self-worth inferior. It makes a person think, are feelings even worth it?

The answer is yes. Feelings are important, even at this age. Being sensitive to others and their feelings allow people to connect with the people around them and form relationships. Revealing our feelings may indeed bring in the wrong crowd, but it can also bring in good-intentioned people. It just depends on who you encountered.

Even if a person encounters more unthoughtful people, it reveals how critical it is to spread the message that feelings aren’t a sign of weakness, but more of an indication of expression. Besides, the first thing that people see in a passerby is their physical appearance. They are more likely to form relationships with a happy person who is sensitive to others and their wellbeing than one who is always angry and cares only about themselves, which brings us to the next point in why feelings are essential.

Not only do feelings connect to other people, but they also help evaluate and learn about other people’s wellbeing. As mentioned before, our emotions are shown through our physical appearance and body language. From this, a person can easily read how a person is feeling, in which they are more likely to get help than if they hide it away.

It’s important to reveal our feelings as it shows people how well or unwell we are. For example, if a boss sees one of their employees tired after coming to work for multiple hours, they may hire more help to accommodate their employees’ needs and business. This scenario reveals that we are not robots, and therefore we have our limits.

The least we want to do is risk our health over an event where a solution can be found. Furthermore, revealing our feelings allows people to be open-minded about others’ needs as they learn to read other people and their upcoming actions.

As seen with the boss and employee relation, the boss would know that the employee would collapse in exhaustion had he not hired more help, which would take out an essential function of his company depending on how vital his overworked employee was.

For these reasons, feelings are not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of compassion, accommodating people’s needs, and a way to gauge their performance. It brings people together as they help each other out to bring out the best in them. Revealing your feelings doesn’t need to change. No, it’s how the world views emotions as a weakness since this philosophy isn’t right to begin with. So whenever you need to express how you feel, let it all out. Those who genuinely care about you will come to you and help you as much as you need it.

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