Spotlight on: Computer Technicians

With schools and colleges opening up for the school year, many have chosen to do classes online to protect their employees and students. However, many problems arise, or might happen when doing classes online such as…

“My sound isn’t working.”

“My computer is slow, but my Wi-Fi network is fast.”

“Why can’t this software work? I need it for class!”

Luckily we have good allies on our side: Computer Technicians!

When it comes to computer difficulties, these men and women know which code to use to solve the problem. From computer repairs, reinstalling software, answering tech questions, and more, you’ll be sure to get to work fast with these guy’s help. Especially with COVID19 still around, these Computer Technicians are easy to contact as many of them are at home as well, so they are just a video chat away. Without this profession, it would be nearly impossible to function with our digital jobs and schooling during an epidemic time. We probably wouldn’t have electronics without them too. The next time you see a Computer Tech or someone similar to one, thank them! Their contribution to the world is very important for our growth and society.

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