Black Cats: The Misconception

We have all heard the superstition among black cats. How they bring bad luck to those around them as well as death. However it needs to be said that black cats are not to blame for any unfortunate events. Why do you ask? To elaborate more, how can the color of their pelt matter what is going to happen to the many life-forms around them? It is similar in saying how a certain race is more likely to do crime activity. It’s not morally right.

To elaborate more, did you remember choosing your own hair color and eyes before birth? No. It was not our choices as much as it wasn’t the cat’s choice. It falls to the matter of the people who care for us and how they treat us by our own actions, and not by other superstitions. Black cats are as much as a living being than any other human. They deserve love, and to not be scorned for their color pelt.

If you are still hesitant about the superstition of black cats, then let me ease your worries. For instance, did you know that in other countries, black cats are considered good luck? It’s true!

In most Asian countries, black cats were seen as good luck as they protected the house from evil spirits, brought good luck to people around them, and is even used as a blessing between two people in marriage. More so there have been stories that involve people finding treasure because of these feline friends. A black cat is a treasure in itself, but that with more treasure and protection they makes these little guys more worthwhile. As an added bonus, you don’t have to groom them as much as other cats!

Based on this, black cats are simple living forms of life that just want to be loved. It isn’t fair for them to have been set up in a view in which they have no control over, as much as it is to us human beings.

To accept each other, we also need to accept all forms of life and to take care of them the same way as we want to be treated. In the end we all want to be loved. So the next time you see a black cat that needs a home, pick them up. You’ll love them as much as they love you for saving them from all the misconception that they had to endure.

*Also check out this Youtube channel that will open your eyes up to Black Cats and living with them!->


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