How to Focus While Working from Home

What can be done to improve productivity and focus while people are working from home?

It’s difficult to focus when you’re working from home. And with COVID-19 forcing more and more people to set up camp in home offices or in their bedrooms, keeping concentration has proven to be a formidable challenge for lots of workers. As a result, productivity during working hours has declined and is expected to keep plummeting. 

So, what can be done to improve productivity and focus while people are working from home?

Well, luckily, there are lots of tips and tricks that are readily available on the Internet. Additionally, some of the best recommendations are listed below, so without further ado, let’s get into it.


A computer rests on a couch, along with a pencil, TV remote, and slippers. Maintaining focus in an environment with plenty of distractions can be difficult, but it’s not an impossible feat with the right approach and tools.

(Some of) the Best Ways to Stay Focused While Working from Home

  • Set a schedule and stick to it. One of the biggest obstacles while working from home is the blur between home and work environments. Working from home means that you’re introducing more stressful tasks to an area typically meant for leisure, which can be confusing for your brain. Having a set number of hours to stay productive, and then letting yourself off the clock, can help you determine the boundaries between work and free time.
  • Make a to-do list. In addition to scheduled work hours, you can plan out what specific goals and tasks you want to accomplish every day. Doing this will keep you organized foster progress towards long-term goals. 
  • Create a dedicated workspace. Creating a dedicated workspace, such as a home office or study desk, will further help establish boundaries between home and work life. By setting aside a workspace for yourself, you’re recognizing that it’s time to work when you’re there.
  • Take scheduled breaks. Sticking to a schedule is important, but so is knowing when you need a breather. Trying to work when you’re stressed will actually lead to a decrease in productivity and quality of work. Schedule out times in your day to grab a snack or take a quick walk around your neighborhood. Taking these breaks will help renew your focus and energy so you can put your best foot forward while working from home.
  • Eat healthy. It may seem like an unrelated piece of advice but eating healthy is a vital aspect to a balanced lifestyle and better focus. By eating right (and remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!), you’re allowing your brain to be operating at its highest level, which will boost both the quality and quantity of your work output.

Stay Focused, Stay Positive, and Stay Attuned to Your Needs

Of course, these tips may not work for you. After all, everyone’s work flow is different, and if you have a preferred method of working, then you should focus on that, and tweak it when necessary. However, if you’ve found working from home to be more difficult than anticipated, or simply want to try out new ways of doing things, then these tips are a great way to get started.

Also, it’s important to note that while work and productivity are good, you shouldn’t feel pressure to always stay productive. These tips are meant to endorse a healthy work ethic, not serve as an introduction to hustle culture. Use these productivity tips to make the most of your work hours, and then use your free time to do something that you like.

Maintaining a healthy, balanced, and productive work life is paramount for thriving while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully, these tips have been helpful for you, and serve as motivation to make the changes necessary to your workspace so that it becomes a truly productive environment for you.

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